Star Codex Rationalist Silicon Valleysmithnoahpinion Is A Document Written By Noah Smith

The star codex rationalist silicon valleysmithnoahpinion  is a set of guiding principles, written by tech executive and Keiretsu Partner Noah Smith, that encourages rational and evidence-based decision making in the Silicon Valley. This article will expound on the core values of the codex and explain its potential to drive positive changes in the culture of Silicon Valley. The article will be broken into the following subsections: Definition of the star codex, Core Principles of the star codex, and Benefits of Adopting the star codex. 

Definition of the Star Codex

The star codex rationalist silicon valleysmithnoahpinion is a document written by Noah Smith and published by Keiretsu Partners in their blog on April 17, 2015. The codex is based on the idea that decision making and action taking should be based on what is most likely to lead to the best results, and that this best result should be determined through rational evidence-based inquiry. The document operates on the assumption that Silicon Valley has a mental model that is explicitly wrong and that by replacing this mental model with a correct one, the culture of the industry can be completely transformed.

Core Principles of the Star Codex

The core principles of the star codex are as follows:

  1. Question the status quo. In Silicon Valley, it is all-too-common to accept current trends in technology and business without questioning why certain methods have become status quo. The star codex encourages people to take a critical stance towards the methods being used, to question why certain trends have become mainstream, and to ask what could be done differently to improve the current situation.
  1. Seek evidence. The star codex stresses the importance of considering the evidence before making decisions. This means considering not just what people say, but actually researching and analyzing data to determine which course of action is most likely to lead to successful results.
  1. Value rationality over emotion. The star codex values the objective power of reason and rational thought over emotion-driven decision making. It advocates for decisions to be based on the best evidence, instead of preconceived notions or traditional mental models.
  1. Prioritize results. The star codex asserts that decisions should be weighed based on the likelihood of success and that success should be measured quantitatively, not descriptively. It advocates for ideas to be evaluated based on whether they have been tested and proven or not, instead of looking at those ideas only from a high level.

Benefits of Adopting the Star Codex

By adopting the star codex, people in Silicon Valley will be able to make better decisions, faster. It encourages critical thinking and rational decision-making, which can help people to make more informed choices. The star codex also has the potential to shift the culture of the tech industry, making it more rational and evidence-based. By replacing the old mental models of the industry with newer and more valid ones, the industry can be made more inclusive, diverse, and effective. 


The star codex rationalist silicon valleysmithnoahpinion is an important document that outlines how decision making in Silicon Valley can be improved by basing it on rational evidence-based inquiry. By adhering to its core principles, people in the industry can make better decisions, faster, and shift the culture of the industry to be more evidence-based and inclusive.

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