Ratched Season 2 Returns As The Second Chapter

Ratched season 2 returns as the second chapter of the thrilling drama series, produced by Ryan Murphy and inspired by the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. The eight-part limited series follows nurse Mildred Ratched’s journey through America in the 1940s, a dark origin story of the iconic character from the novel. This season dives deeper into the metamorphosis of Nurse Ratched from nurse to villain and her premeditated rise to power. It further depicts the nurse’s complicated journey involving love, heartbreak and redemption as she develops morally ambiguous qualities that remain true to the literature’s figure.

Character Development 

Central to Ratched season 2 is the introduction of two new characters – Adelaide Paige (Cynthia Nixon) and Charles Wainwright (Finn Wittrock). Both of these figures are pivotal to Ratched’s journey now and in the future. Adelaide is a Nurse Administrator at the hospital that employs Nurse Ratched. She is an educated, strong-willed professional who is driven by an undeniable inner urge to be compassionate towards her patients. Charles Wainwright is a murderer from Britain and a serial killer who causes chaos in a mission to progress his heinous goals. In order to understand Mildred Ratched’s full transformation, the audience needs to follow the tangled web of relationships she begins to form with these two figures.

Contrasting Ratched and Adelaide 

The second season of Ratched brings about a stark contrast between Mildred Ratched and Adelaide Paige. While Nurse Ratched appears to be a calm and composed person, Adelaide is the opposite. She is unpredictable, unyielding and has a deep-rooted anger emanating from her childhood. On the other hand, Ratched’s transformation remains rooted in her past and her mysterious back story with Charles Wainwright. The audience will explore the darker side of Mildred Ratched and how Adelaide as an outsider comes to influence her drastically.

Critical Storylines 

Ratched season 2 features a number of gripping storylines that the viewers can look forward to. As Nurse Ratched continues to play a dangerous game between Doctors Hanover and Lamb, Charles Wainwright begins to add more chaos to the storyline, which leads to a series of strikingly intense moments. Besides this, the season further introduces a number of sick and desperate characters, as well as a number of crucial plot twists. Moreover, the show also attempts to reevaluate common perceptions of caretakers and victims alike, as it asks the questions of who is really being helped, and who is really being harmed. 

Romance and Redemption 

The season also offers a glimpse into Nurse Ratched’s romantic past and connection to the prison. The audience will see her unlikely romance with an inmate, whom she is struggling to save, and the attempt of redemption on her part. Ratched’s journey through the second season is an intense one – a battle between her own personal redemption and the growing feelings of darkness that clouds her life. The audience will follow her struggle of understanding her own growing willingness to cause harm and her ability to understand the consequences of her choices. 


Overall, Ratched season 2 will take viewers further into Mildred Ratched’s story, showing her as a complicated woman trying to take control of her own destiny. It also serves as an exploration of morality and an attempt to reevaluate largely held beliefs about the people and institutions designed to protect vulnerable individuals. All of this culminates in an intense psychological thriller that most viewers would not be able to look away from.

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