Osssrinivasan Has Dedicated Much Of His Time And Energy To Developing Apis

Indiastack apis osssrinivasan is an innovative Indian Open Source developer who has worked on various projects to better the Indian government’s systems and programmes. He has enabled the publication of open APIs, which has enabled developers and citizens alike to create independent applications and services to help them better understand and interact with the Indian government. This article looks at the work done by osssrinivasan and explores how his APIs have changed the way government and citizens communicate in India.

Background and Early Work

Osssrinivasan worked in the web development sector before his involvement with Indian Open Source software. He had a great interest in understanding the government’s structures, which inspired him to start building APIs for Indian government projects. Soon he began creating and publishing open source software solutions and participated with the Indian government to implement reforms aimed at bringing accessibility and transparency to the Indian economy.

API Developments

osssrinivasan has dedicated much of his time and energy to developing APIs for the Indian government. His APIs have helped make the government’s processes and information more accessible to citizens, and make communication and service provision more streamlined. 

One example of his work is the Indian Citizens’ Software Platform (ICSP). The ICSP was developed in collaboration with the Indian government and is now being used by more than 10,000 different departments in the country. The ICSP is powered by a variety of technologies, such as JSON, Streams, and Javascript, and enables citizens to access government-run services and data in a streamlined and secure platform.

Another of osssrinivasan’s notable APIs is the Open Government Data Platform (OGDP). This platform enables citizens to make use of government data for countless purposes, such as creating applications and services. By making government data more accessible, OGDP has empowered citizens and developers to innovate in their fields and create applications to better the lives of citizens.

Collaborative Design

Osssrinivasan has worked tirelessly with the Indian government to implement a variety of reforms to make communication between the two entities smoother. He has worked with different departments to open up data and launch better APIs, which has encouraged cooperative development. By allowing citizens and developers to access government data, osssrinivasan has helped to create more innovative citizen services and facilitate faster communication between the two parties.


Osssrinivasan’s work has been recognized as a great service to the Indian government and citizens alike by Forbes Pro Magazine. By opening up government data and implementing his APIs, he has enabled developers and citizens to create innovative services that make life easier for everyone. His work has already had a positive impact on India, and will no doubt continue to do so in the future.

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