10 Tips for Using Rightmove Like a Pro

Navigating through property listings on Rightmove can be daunting without the right approach. Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting, mastering this platform can significantly streamline your property search process. Here are ten expert tips to help you make the most out of Rightmove.

1. Understanding Rightmove’s Interface

Rightmove’s homepage is your gateway to thousands of property listings. Familiarize yourself with its layout and navigation tools to maximize efficiency.

Navigating the Homepage

Rightmove’s homepage is designed to showcase featured properties and provide quick access to search functionalities. The search bar at the top allows you to enter specific locations, keywords, or postcodes.

Exploring Filters and Sorting Options

Filters on Rightmove enable precise customization of your property search. Utilize filters for price range, property type, number of bedrooms, and more to narrow down options according to your preferences.

2. Setting Up Your Search Criteria

Before diving into property listings, refine your search criteria. This step ensures you receive tailored results that match your requirements.

Refining Your Search with Filters

Experiment with different combinations of filters to see which best suit your needs. Adjust filters such as property type, location, and price range until you find the ideal parameters.

Utilizing Keyword Search Effectively

Use specific keywords related to your ideal property features (e.g., “garden,” “modern kitchen”) to enhance search accuracy. Keywords can help you uncover listings that meet your exact specifications.

3. Creating Alerts for New Listings

Stay ahead of the competition by setting up email alerts for new listings matching your criteria. This proactive approach ensures you’re notified as soon as relevant properties become available.

Setting Up Email Alerts

Access the alert settings in your Rightmove account dashboard. Specify your preferred criteria (e.g., location, price range) to receive timely updates directly to your inbox.

Managing Alert Preferences

Regularly review and adjust your alert preferences as your property search evolves. Fine-tuning alerts helps you stay informed without being overwhelmed by irrelevant listings.

4. Saving and Organizing Favorites

Save time by utilizing Rightmove’s ‘Save Property’ feature to bookmark listings of interest for later review.

Using the ‘Save Property’ Feature

Each property listing page includes a ‘Save Property’ button. Clicking this allows you to create a personalized list of favorites accessible from your account dashboard.

Creating Folders for Organized Viewing

Organize saved properties into folders based on different criteria (e.g., “Potential Homes,” “Investment Properties”) for easy comparison and decision-making.

5. Using Street View and Location Tools

Get a feel for prospective neighborhoods using Rightmove’s Street View and location tools.

Exploring Neighborhoods with Street View

Navigate around streets virtually to assess surroundings, proximity to amenities, and overall ambiance before scheduling viewings.

Understanding Local Amenities

Use Rightmove’s map features to identify nearby schools, transport links, shops, and other amenities crucial to your lifestyle preferences.

6. Assessing Property Details Effectively

Dive deep into property listings to gather essential information that influences your decision-making process.

Decoding Property Listings

Pay attention to key details such as property dimensions, tenure type, and energy efficiency ratings. Understanding these specifics helps you compare properties accurately.

Analyzing Floor Plans and Photos

Study floor plans and high-quality photos provided in listings to visualize space and layout effectively. This visual information complements textual descriptions, giving you a comprehensive view of each property.

7. Researching Market Trends

Stay informed about local market trends to make informed decisions regarding property investments.

Understanding Price Trends

Monitor changes in property prices over time using Rightmove’s historical data and market insights. This knowledge aids in assessing whether a property is priced competitively.

Identifying Investment Opportunities

Identify emerging hotspots and areas with potential for growth by analyzing market trends and forecasts available on Rightmove.

8. Communicating Through Rightmove

Effectively communicate with agents and sellers directly through Rightmove’s messaging system.

Contacting Agents

Initiate contact with estate agents or private sellers to request additional information, arrange viewings, or discuss property negotiations.

Managing Communications

Keep track of all communications within your Rightmove account for easy reference and follow-up. Clear and timely communication is key to progressing your property search smoothly.

9. Negotiating and Making Offers

Navigate the negotiation process confidently to secure the best deal on your chosen property.

Best Practices for Negotiation

Research comparable properties and market values to substantiate your offer. Present your case professionally and be prepared to negotiate terms until both parties reach a satisfactory agreement.

Making Offers Through Rightmove

Some sellers allow offers to be submitted directly through Rightmove. Follow instructions carefully and include all necessary details to strengthen your offer.

10. Closing the Deal

Ensure a smooth transition from offer acceptance to completion by understanding the final stages of the buying or renting process.

Understanding Legal Processes

Consult legal professionals or conveyancers to guide you through legal obligations and paperwork involved in property transactions.

Finalizing Transactions Securely

Verify all details and ensure all necessary checks (e.g., surveys, mortgage approvals) are completed before finalizing the transaction to avoid complications.


Mastering Rightmove involves more than just scrolling through listings. By implementing these expert tips, you can navigate the platform efficiently, make informed decisions, and find your dream property with confidence.

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