How to Win at Minesweeper Google

Minesweeper google is an exciting logic and strategy game that is highly popular among both children and adults. Over time, it has become a staple in the computer gaming world, and now you can play it on Google! Minesweeper Google is a web-based version of the original game that has been around since the earliest days of home computers. In this article, we will walk you through the basics of how to play Minesweeper Google.

Learning the Rules

The goal of Minesweeper Google is to uncover all the squares on the board that do not contain a mine. Squares with a mine contain a danger symbol. Avoid clicking on these cells, as they will end your game. On the left-hand side of the board is a counter with a number to indicate how many mines are remaining, and how many flags you have left to place on them.

Navigating the Board

The board of Minesweeper Google is divided into cells. You will have to click on a cell to reveal what is underneath. Clicking on an empty space will reveal a number that indicates the number of neighboring cells that contain a mine. The numbers range from 1-5.

Marking Mines

To help you remember where the mines are, you can mark them with flags by right-clicking a cell. However, you must be certain that the cell contains a mine in order for this to work. Once you have clicked on all the empty spaces, you can safely click on any cells with a flag. If it is mine, you will win the game!

Uncovering Cells

As you move around the board, you will uncover cells. Keep in mind that uncovering a cell will not reveal “what’s underneath”. All that you can see are the numbers, flags, or mine symbols.

Using Hints

If you ever need a hint, you can click on the bottom right corner of the game board to reveal a hint. This hint will be a number that will allow you to make a smarter decision as to where you should click next.

Tips and Tricks

When playing Minesweeper Google, it is important to remember a few simple rules. Firstly, always be sure to check your surrounding cells. This will allow you to determine which cells are safe to click on. Additionally, look for clusters of flags to help you identify where the mines are. Finally, make sure to use hints when necessary, as they can be a great help when trying to navigate through the game.


Minesweeper Google is an exciting logic and strategy game that can be quite challenging and rewarding when mastered. With practice and these few tips, you will soon be able to conquer the game with ease!

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