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Pantera Capital is an investment firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and other emerging digital technologies. Founded in 2002, Pantera’s mandate is to invest in and facilitate the growth of companies in the space. As the digital asset industry has grown, so has Pantera – establishing itself as one of the leading crypto investment firms. In late 2018, Pantera closed a record-breaking $15 million Series I funding round, which drew massive attention from investors around the world. 

Background of Pantera Capital

Pantera is a venture capital and hedge fund firm, founded by Dan Morehead and The Block CEO, Joey Krug. The firm invests in early-stage and mature projects to facilitate the growth of the burgeoning digital asset industry. It was one of the earliest financial firms to recognize the potential and value of cryptocurrency investments. Over the years, Pantera has invested in a variety of companies around the globe, including Ripple, Circle, 0x, and Aragon.

The $15 Million Series I Funding

In October of 2018, Pantera closed a record-breaking $15 million Series I funding round. This was the first venture capital funding round to be widely reported in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The funding round was led by a number of strategic, high-profile investors, including 1confirmation, Alphabit, Dragonfly Capital Partners, AI Crypto, and McSweeney Ventures. These investors have deep understanding of the digital asset space, and have a shared vision for the future of blockchain technology. 

Investors in the Pantera Funding Round

The strategic investors in the $15 million Series I funding round have deep expertise and knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. 

1confirmation is a venture capital firm that invests in the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem. 1confirmation is led by Mark Moussa and Nick Tomaino, who have a long history in the blockchain space. 

Alphabit is a digital asset investment fund that was founded by Liam Robertson. Roberts has extensive experience in the digital asset space, and has been involved in the sector for a number of years. 

Dragonfly Capital Partners is a venture capital fund focused on blockchain and digital asset investments. The fund was launched in May of 2018 and has already made a number of investments in the space, including investing in the Pantera funding round. 

AI Crypto is a venture capital fund based in Korea that invests in blockchain technologies and digital assets. The company is led by Michael Kim, a Korean entrepreneur and blockchain expert.

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